The Catboat

Wanted by the Catboat

What are we looking for? Mmh, let me think ... well, anything really! Yet there are some things that first come to mind it. A small list of necessary for us "little things."

Cat Toys!
If you haven't got enough time to participate in helping the Poezenboot as a volunteer, but you want to do something for our cats? Remember that our cats like to romp and play!
Playing with balls or want to climb in and out! Scratching post Also, by giving toys you support our work and, most cats find it great fun!

What brand? Our cats have no preference for the Parool or AD As long as the cat can be there! But it is filled So if you have old newspapers ...

We are very pleased with it ...

And much more
Do you have attic, maybe something you are not sure whether we can use? Please feel free to contact us!
Many thanks ...

Our address and telephone number can be found here