The Catboat


Gender: Cat
Color: tortie white

Sassje is a beautiful tortie with a white cat,

She was about 3 years old when she came to us in mid-2020. She comes from a household of approximately 15 cats. She was well cared for but hardly received any attention, she was a lot outside. Sassje is therefore not well socialized. As a result, she doesn't really like people and prefers to run away from them.

We sterilized her, vaccinated her and gave her the worm and flea treatment. She can stay with us and we hope that at some point she will start to trust people. In the meantime, she goes about her business, gets along with the other cats in the group, walks in and out of the outdoor enclosure and feels at home. And that is the main thing.

Sassje, poes, Sassje, poes, Sassje, poes, Sassje, poes,

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