The Catboat


Our Goal

The Catboat is a non-profit organization that is financially supported by donors. We do not receive grants from the Amsterdam municipality , a town district or any other government departments. it sounds cliché, but it's true: without your donation and support we wouldn't stay afloat! Thanks to a team of very caring volunteers who help in getting abandoned and owner surrender cats become healthy, sterile, vaccinated and chipped, we can do our job and find a suitable and loving home for them. The Catboat regularly takes in stray cats and owner surrendered cats. The owners and finders of these cats cannot afford to contribute financially which implies that all costs fall to the Catboat.

Our goal is simple: to help as many cats in need as possible. This includes cats that have been found or cats that people can’t or will not take care of anymore. Veterinarians and behavioral specialists contact us when a cat has been left behind or has a problem.

In some cases we also help people who cannot afford neutering their cats and therefore keep having litters. We make sure these cats are neutered. For instance the Catboat came to the rescue of a lady whose situation had gotten way out of hand. We had to go and pick up approximately 50 cats and the lady was not in a financial position to assist us. All of the cats were given a check-up by the veterinarian; were vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered. We then proceeded to rehome them.

We can catch feral cats that stay in your garden and have them neutered so that more and more feral cats are not added. We can then put them back after neutering or take them into our shelter.

We also organize projects to neuter as much cats as we can. One time we helped 114 female cats and 34 toms at an extremely reduced price. The remaining sum was paid by the Catboat. At the same time 117 cats received a chip, also at the same reduced price. 

Do you know places where feral cats walk or do you have too many cats yourself and it grows above your head, please feel free to contact us:

telephone number: 020-6258794                               

mail address: 

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