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HELP the cats get a new boat
Amsterdam icon starts much-needed crowdfunding

The Poezenboot - The Catboat takes in 200-250 cats per year. Strays, foundlings, abandoned and dumped cats who desperately need help and shelter.

On the boat they are cared for, vaccinated, chipped and castrated, and they receive the necessary care in case of illness or injury. If they are okay again, The Catboat is looking for a loving and suitable home. Thousands of cats have already been taken in, cared for and provided with a new future.

But after 45 years on the Amsterdam Singel, The Catboat needs to be replaced. More and more defects arise and every time patching things up turned out to be no longer enough. Due to serious wear and tear on the foundation of the boat, there is ultimately only one choice: replace the current boat with a new one.

A lot of money is needed for this, with which The Catboat can use a lot of help. Everything about the project can be found on the special campaign webpage for The New Catboat.

The comfort of the cats has always been a priority for the Catboat. The new boat will be sustainable, energy efficient, equipped with good insulation and will generate its own energy by means of solar panels. In addition, there will be an automatic air conditioning system and more light, air and space will be provided for the cats.

Donations can be made for various parts of the new boat, such as a heater that provides warm paws for the cats. 

You can donate via the donation buttons, via the regular Catboat -Poezenboot website or by making a donation yourself at NL82 INGB 0005 085 515 Bic INGB NL 2A stating: 'The New Catboat'. Updates on the campaign will also be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Since 1968, we have been working day and night to catch cats, help them and give them a new loving home. Now The Catboat itself desperately needs a new home to continue helping all cats in need. And we need your HELP with that!

Welcome at the Catboat

The Catboat is the one and only animal sanctuary that literally floats. A refuge for stray and abandoned cats which, thanks to its unique location on a houseboat in Amsterdam's picturesque canal belt, has also become a place where people want to go. 

Water and cats...

Most cats hate water. But ours learn to love living on it. After all, we have been keeping their feet dry since 1968.

Since that time the Catboat has developed into a modern and professional sanctuary providing tender loving care to countless cats.

On this site you can find out how we came to be here and the rest of our history. You will also meet some of our cats. And, as well as this virtual introduction, you can find details of where and when you can visit us for real!

Entrance is free, but with a donation you make the cats and us very happy. We do not receive any subsidy. it sounds cliché, but it's true: without your donation and support we wouldn't stay afloat! Nowadays, you have to book a day and time online on our website. We hope to see you soon.