The Catboat

Support The Catboat

Without your donation, we cannot buy food or toys for the cats, heat the boats or, in fact, do anything. We receive no local or national government assistance, so we are entirely dependent upon your donations. Please help us.
Naturally, you can make a donation in person if you visit de Poezenboot (the Catboat). But you can also transfer money to our bank account NL82 INGB 0005 0855 15, or even set up a standing order.  
You can print out the form yourself, or write us a letter asking us to send you the form to become benefactor. Or consider one of the other ways of helping us listed below.

Regular donation
Ask your lawyer to draw up a Deed of Gift in which you undertake to donate a fixed amount to Stichting de Poezenboot (the Catboat) at regular intervals for a period of at least five years. These gifts are tax deductible in the Netherlands.
Subject to certain conditions, single gifts may also be tax deductible. For details contact your tax adviser. 
Donations should be made to ING bank in the name of Stichting de Poezenboot, Amsterdam. Our international bank account number (IBAN) is "NL82 INGB 0005085515" and our bank identifier code (BIC or SWIFT number) is "INGB NL 2A". Our ING bank address: ING, Postbox 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, Nederland. 
You can also donate via Paypal.

Deed of Gift arrangements and tax relief on donations may vary for non-residents of the Netherlands. Consult your solicitor or tax adviser for details.

Please also remember De Poezenboot (the Catboat) when drawing up your will. It is even possible to state what purpose you wish your bequest to be used for. For example, accommodation, veterinary costs, boat maintenance, and so on.
In your will, state "I bequeath, free of rights and costs, the sum of ……to de Poezenboot of Amsterdam, the Netherlands." Our legal advisers can assist you with any queries you have about bequests, so please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Again, arrangements may differ for non-residents of the Netherlands. Ask your lawyer how to make a bequest to de Poezenboot (the Catboat). Please contact us or click here to make a donation.