The Catboat


Gender: male
Color: tabby

Cypie is a foundling, born in May of 2009. Extremely afraid, he seemed a hopeless case. All found cats first go into a cage. This is necessary because we need to observe their health and behavior. We take them to the vet for their shots and chips as soon as possible. After that we have them neutered. Cypie was about half a year old when he was brought to us, born outdoors and not used to people. As soon as he spotted a human his ears would go flat and he would start hissing. Most fearful cats improve in their cages. They usually feel safe in there and we leave them alone but with Cypie there was no improvement.

He came to us with several other cats of his age, but after they were rehomed, he was left behind on his lonesome. Eventually, after he was castrated, we decided to let him free on the boat. Usually, stray cats are cat-cats and not people-cats. However much they distrust humans they enjoy the company of other cats. . When we’re planning to set a cat free on the boat, we first put it in a cage near the floor so that it can get used to the other cats before we open the door. Most cats leave their cages, and because we leave the door open, they return to their own little safehouse until they feel secure. The latter didn’t happen with Cypie. He was immediately accepted into the group. It is great to see how some cats can become pals with each other. Now Cypie’s spot is a little house on top of the climbing pole.

During the first half year you could see that he was feeling more and more at ease. Not that you could touch him, no way, but he had indeed become less afraid. We let him be. After a year, a miracle happened: he was resting in his little house on the top of the climbing post, when one of our volunteers started to pet him. Our volunteer carefully kept his hand inside the house and looked away. We stood in awe: Cypie stayed put and even seemed to enjoy it. He was being “secretly’ pet. We promptly took pictures. Since then he has let himself be petted but only in this way. Picking him up is not possible, nor is spontaneously petting him in ‘public’, but you can when he’s in his little house. Cypie is a beaut.       

Cypie, kater, Cypie, kater, Cypie, kater,

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