The Catboat


Dear people,

you can visit us,

However, if you want to visit us and want to be sure there is time for you, you can reserve a day and time online. Please be on time.

You can also come by without a reservation, but then you may have to wait before you can enter or if it is busy you will have to come back another time. Although we will do everything we can to let you in.

We are, most of the time, open 3 days a week for visitors between 13-15h. The Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 

We hope to welcome you soon.


If you are looking for a cat, please check our website first and then call us if you want to know more about the cat in question or want to make an appointment.

We do NOT make these appointments between 1 pm and 3 pm, but we do this just outside visiting hours so that there is more time to 'show' the cat to you.



Before choosing a date, fill in the number of perons first please.