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Michi passed away

Michi passed away

Michi has been in and out of hospital for 2 months. A few weeks after her operation, she could be found on the Poezenboot again, where she was present 2-3 times a week. Many know her from the beautiful drawings she made for all over the world.

A few weeks later, things didn't go well and she was back in hospital, then to a temporary home where things got even worse and she went to the hospital again. Oddly enough, she still had a smile on her face, but her physical health was rapidly deteriorating.

The doctors came with a dramatic result: there was nothing more they could do for her. Decisive as she was, she immediately opted for euthanasia. And that was carried out on 22-11-21 in the presence of family and 2 best friends. So here's the terribly sad story in a few sentences.
Michi, wonderful person, we and all cats are going to miss you terribly.