The Catboat

GORDON yesterday deceased

Dear friends of Gordon,

You are with so many and I do not know how to find you all, so I use the Poezenboot site as well.

We have very sad news; Gordon past away the 18th of September.

About half a year ago he was diagnosed, by coincident, with belly cancer. When he had to get more help he went to an elderly home and got his own room. He was feeling okay and even joined an art class. It was a wonder that he did not have any pain the doctors said. And he got a smile on his face when the doctors told him he had the heart of a young man. But he could not come to the catboat anymore, the trip from his home to us became too difficult for him. We did celebrate his birthday in July at the Catboat with a lot of volunteers. That was a great day for all of us. A few days before he past away he did get a lot of pain and got morphine. For a day he could talk to everyone but after that he was more away than awake. He went in a kind of coma and left us softly and quietly.

Although I know we have to let go, it leaves a big sad hole in my heart. It's not only a personally loss, it's also a loss for the Catboat. Gordon was always on the boat for the tourists rain or shine, wind of snow. He would not hear of it when I said: Gordon stay a day at home, we will close up. He is our last piece of history. He always said: when I go I will see miss van Weelde (the founder of the Catboat, and his friend for a long long time). I hope he is there now.

And if people have photos of him we would really like to get them. You will find some notes on our facebook.

We will miss Gordon big time,
kind regards to you all,