The Catboat

Brand new fashionable dweezilsfriend-Catboat t-shirt

Yes! We're all in our happy-mode: after months of hard work, our newly designed t-shirt is finished, and ready to be sold!

A beautifull and fashionable t-shirt was created in coöperation with dweezilsfriend. The shirts have been made with biological cotton, are produced "fair trade " and the silk-screen ink is environmentally-friendly. The artist that made the Cat is Detmer Verburg. With the purchase of this shirt you'll help to bring more notice to the Catboat (De Poezenboot) and from each sale a donation is directly going to the Catboat.

This brand new Catboat shirt shall be launched by no one less than Georgina Verbaan! A famous cat-minded Dutch actress. But you can buy the shirt already on the Catboat and order on And click on the Catboat logo.

Hurry and be one of the first to walk in a Catboat design t-shirt. And by doing so, support the Catboat.