The Catboat

Work at the boat

Bummer, the base of our boat is not 100% in top condition. It's not that bad, that we're about to sink, but still! This coming week, we'll receive the report on how bad the situation is and what to do next. We had a professional diver going down, to do a proper inspection of the base of the boat.

The report has already partially arrived and this far we know that it won’t be necessary to replace the whole base. That is good news but we do require a lot of repaires made to the concrete and to the floats.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan City council wants all the houseboats in the Singel to be installed to the sewer system, before July 2012. And the boat has to be tied down more stable than it is now. So all in all, it's going to be a huge undertaking.
We'll keep you posted!