The Catboat

Burgled on the Catboat

Today, 22-2-15, I ventured back over to my old haunt De Poezenboot, on 38G Single canal in Amsterdam. I volunteered for many years helping cleaning and socialising the cats as many are difficult to re-home. But today was a first for me.

I arrived to see one of the volunteers standing outside, the front door had been broken in and the donation boxes were emptied. The cats were all fine, no sign of interference with them, and no mess to clear up so everyone was lucky enough.

The police were called and everyone got on with the daily clean. Fortunately there are not many cats looking for new homes currently, but spring is coming and kittens will undoubtedly start getting dumped back on the steps of the door. Either found, or not wanted, the boat takes in every cat that is reported, handed over or left in with them.

But for now, the boat remains mainly with their own collection of house cats, whom live on board as they cannot be rehoused yet due to antisocial behaviour. Some are scared of humans, others were raised in a large confinement of cats so need to be around other cats. Some have been placed in homes but just never settled and so came back to the boat and have resided on it ever since.

The donations are what the boats runs on, essentially, as it gets no additional funding form the government to help manage the cat population. Every cat that comes in get sterilised, microchipped and leaves only when with a clean bill of health and a new home.

Should you wish to help, every cent is appreciated by the boat, you can donate here via Paypal. Since 2010, the Poezenboot created a Paypal account due to the requests of international donations, and, with thanks to the generous donors, the Poezenboot has been able to stay afloat. Every cent matters for these cats, for vet bills or food, to electrical and heating, every cent goes only to the care of the cats.

*Update, De Poezenboot camera has also been noted as stolen. This camera was used to photograph every cat that comes in, either incase its a missing cat, or if it is in poor condition to keep track of its health improvements.

*Update Monday – currently this article has passed on 1 in every 5 readers to donate. Will you join them?